The Wines of Canelli Sign with Global Compact - Go Canei!

Tuesday was quite an unexpected affair for my coworker, Jean, and I. We had been invited by our client, Canei (Jean is the US representative for Canei, I handle the SMM) to participate in a Wines of Canelli, Italy event that morning - but truth be told, neither of us knew exactly what the event was...a walk around tasting? a seminar? Time would only tell. Canei wine is from Canelli, so we were eager to see what other brands would be represented.

We arrived at the New York City building a few minutes early and headed up the stairs to what we discovered was one of the many buildings of the UN. There we found ourselves sitting in a small conference room among some key players within the Wines of Canelli program and within Global Compact. In their own words, the Global Compact is:

The Wines of Canelli have been working for the past several years to join the Global Compact and Tuesday morning all of the formal documents were signed. It was a joyous occassion and a Moscato toast was in order after the signing.

Later that night, we gathered for dinner at SD 26 by Columbus Circle for a celebratory meal with the Wines of Canelli, key wine writers, other Italian entities and team members from Global Compact.

So what does this mean for Canei and other wines from Canelli, Italy? This means that they are members of globally recognized program and are further dedicating themselves to keeping the Wines of Canelli clean and sustainable.

Congratulations to the Wines of Canelli and Canei- they're simply sparkling!

Salute! - CC

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Warren Bobrow said...

This is a beautifully written story. Recently I was a judge at the Ministry of Rum Sugar Cane Spirits competition in San Francisco. I didn't know what to expect. Was it a formal event? Well, when my friend Robin Leventhal from Top Chef accepted my invitation to be a judge I knew that we were going to have huge amounts of fun. Rum, new friends and Tiki Bars. New friends from here and from afar.

I say always enjoy yourself.


CChamberlain said...

Thanks for a wonderful story Warren!