Beer Blogging at its Finest

The cocktail community has Tales of the Cocktail. The wine-o’s have the North American Wine Bloggers Conference (and the EWBC Constance just wrote about coming up!). But the beer bloggers had yet to establish a community gathering to highlight the fantastic work being written, photographed, and published across the blogosphere.

So when you get enough passionate people to team together – voila! – come November 5th, I will be in Boulder, Colorado with other like-minded, passionate beer bloggers for the first International Beer Bloggers Conference. The agenda is jam packed with content sessions about bloggers’ influence on the greater beer and craft beer industries, delicious tastings, and , of course, plenty of time to mingle and get to know all the faces and names we come to recognize in our online community.

Along with other great content, the conference organizers have been maintaining a blog on the site as well. They had a great post earlier this month with some stats that are real intriguing to me as someone on the marketing side. Give it a read for an even greater demographic breakdown.

Their lists tally up over 500 beer blogs out there. That’s 500 people who are zealous about booze – enough so to write about it online! That doesn’t account for even more worthwhile reads out there of blogs affiliated with a brewery or other beer-related component within the industry.
Most importantly for all these individuals, their worth continues to increase as more and more influencers are learning and educating themselves about beer through these outlets of information (See Steve’s favorite pyramid graph here).

The beer blogging industry is making great strides and the Beer Bloggers Conference is one giant leap! I can’t wait to get to Boulder and share a pint (or two!) with many of you who will be there.

Cheers and have a beer tonight! It is, after all, National Drink A Beer Day!

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