Austria IS a tourist destination!

What are some of the world’s most appealing wine destinations? This was the exact question Helen Cross pitted at her blog Simon Seeks when she sought us out for help.

Lucky for her, I had the perfect solution – Austria! It may come as a surprise that we have all developed some pretty close ties to the Eastern European country, but I shall explain.

Constance works with the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, whereas I have sung the praises of Absinthe Mata Hari, produced locally in Vienna. And Steve will be traveling back to Vienna in just over a month! Together, we helped to sling Austria to the top of Helen’s post on tourism. Give it a read here.

Constance had the opportunity recently to travel to Vienna and experience firsthand the majestic palaces and roaring hills I thought only existed in movies (The Sound of Music, anyone?). But, from her pictures and her glowing stories, Austria – and particularly Vienna – is a not to be missed destination for wine and spirits.

But what are some other wine and/or spirits destinations that are not to be missed on your lists of global traveling?
Feel free to leave us comments. We are, of course, always happy to talk on all things Austria :)



(Photo Courtesy of VieVinum 2010)

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