What's Your Beer Tonight?

It’s a Tuesday night. I’m at the grocery store after a looong day of work. Thoughts glide through my head of the booze waiting for me at home. You’ve been there too, I’m sure of it.

But wait? What booze do I have at home? And then, there it was, staring me right in the face.

The Trader Joe’s Mystery Six-Pack. In what else but a brown paper bag! I snatch up the bag, along with my other groceries, and anxiously head home.

The boyfriend and I are giddy with excitement as we await our beers chilling in the fridge. Finally, the time comes to tear open the paper bag and here’s what we had inside:

Harpoon IPA
Kennebunkport IPA
Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Pilsner Urquell
Sam Adams Boston Lager

Wolavers IPA

The Beer Gods were clearly smiling down on me that Tuesday night. I am a huuuuuge fan of IPAs. My boyfriend is not so much. But he was still excited at the results nonetheless – new beers that we get to sample and educate ourselv
es with. He opted for the Peroni, which he, surprisingly, never had before. I decided to begin my IPA side-by-side comparison and grabbed the Kennebunkport.

Maybe it was the fact that we were too anxious for our beers and didn’t let them chill long enough, but both of us were slightly disappointed in our first picks from the mystery pack. Even as the number one beer coming out of Italy, Dustin wasn’t wowed by the Peroni. I think when it comes to light European lagers, he (read: we) compare everything to Stella Artois. And Peroni just won’t ever be as flavorsome as Stella Artois.

As for my IPA….well, that little critique will have to wait another day. Stay tuned folks as I plan to do a comparison of all three of the IPAs I was fortunate enough to have planted in my mystery beer six-pack.



frederic said...

The dark Peroni isn't all that bad. But agreed, the paler one isn't all that noteworthy.

Wolaver's makes good beer. The same brewery that makes Otter Creek (Wolaver's is organic and one company bought the other).

Stephanie said...

I'm gonna have to find another 6-pack of it around here and give the Wolvaer's another try. Dinner choice, my mood, the beer's temp may all have been discerning factors in my not being crazy about it on the first run through.