Cuz Baby Tonight, Seder's Got Us Eating Unleavened Bread

Passover - My favorite Jewish holiday of the calendar year! Mostly for the food, slightly for the chance to see my preschool haggadah brought out from the relics, and partly for the requirement to drink four glasses of wine with our meal. This year, I have something new to leave waiting for Elijah - a tasty cocktail.

I had noticed my friend Kara Newman tweet about The Sipping Seder several weeks ago, but it had skipped my mind at the time. Now that we're in the midst of Seder season, the website is back on my radar and I'm scoping out my strategy of when to make these creative cocktails at home.

Kara has since interviewed the San Francisco-based duo behind The Sipping Seder over at Wine Enthusiast. And, until I have the opportunity to try making these cocktails myself, I will leave you with a rousing video of what Passover is really all about, set to the tune of, who else, but Usher and Ke$ha. Chag Sameach!


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