Promo for "Promo Power"

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to share with you an article that appeared in this week's Nightclub & Bar "Promo Power" newsletter.

Working with wine, spirits and beer brands, one of the things we have noticed over time is the frequency of which brands are beleaguered with requests to sponsor events, either by donating time, space, booze, swag, or - the promoter's favorite - cash. However, many brands do not realize just how much negotiating power they can have.

In this Promo Power piece (boy, try saying that five times fast!), I highlight a few key arrangements a brand can negotiate when determining whether to participate in an event, sponsorship or promotion. The list does not end here though. There are many more on-site branding opportunities and preemptive questions to answer (How many weeks do you have to prepare? Amount of product needed? Anticipated results?) that can be negotiated for to find the right event for you. Please give the article a read and share with me your thoughts.

In other somewhat related news, I also thought to inform you that NCB's annual Convention and Trade Show is just three days away - being held March 7-9 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Between the exhibition floor, concerts and parties at Vegas' hot spots, mixologist competitions, and a craft brewers pavillion, it seems there will be a ton of action across The Strip. Those of you attending, please have a drink for me! :)


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