Drinking St. Patrick's Day Style

I'm not Irish. But it sure is fun to pretend to be for a day once a year! That's why today I'm offering up a variety of drinks of both the beer and spirit persuasion that are ample to serve up this St. Patrick's Day.

Don't be surprised that the thing called "green beer" is not included on the list. There is always a time and place for something kitschy such as green beer, but I know you guys have it in ya to step up your game! Try any of these great drinks as a different and more creative approach to celebrating St. Patty's and let me know what becomes your new stand-in. :)
  1. Irish Coffee - The best part of waking up on St. Patty's is with a dram of Jameson (not Folgers!) in your cup. I enjoy this recipe from Imbibe as a go-to Irish Coffee.
  2. Black Velvet - Have some Guinness on hand? Rather than just downing a pint, why not consider adding a bit of fizz to your glass? The Black and Velvet I experimented with earlier in the year is a nice alternative to drinking Guinness on St. Patty's. You can also read Paul Clarke's take on the drink here.
  3. Irish Appletini - Offering a sweeter edge, the Irish Appletini (pictured at top) is a great cocktail to switch up the heavy beer-oriented focus for St. Patrick's Day. With a touch of effervescence at the end, this drink is refreshing and takes the heat off the Jameson whiskey.
Irish Appletini
2 parts Jameson Irish Whiskey
1 part Hiram Walker Sour Apple Schnapps
Top with Ginger Ale

Shake whiskey and schnapps in a shaker with ice and strain into a martini glass. Top with ginger ale and garnish with a green apple slice.

Saving the best for last is the Pickleback. Never heard of one? You're in for a treat. The drink itself is notoriously simple. The Pickleback consists of one shot of Jameson followed by a pickle juice chaser. While its origins are unknown, the Pickleback can now be ordered in cocktail bars throughout the country. Slightly sweet, slightly salty, the Pickleback is surely one to try this St. Patty's Day.

Any other St. Patrick's Day rituals that you drink (or eat, for that matter) today? I'd love to hear your feedback, as always!


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