Let's talk Turkish... wine!

By this time, you probably think I'm crazy, but actually Turkish wine making tradition dates back beyond many of the world's best known wine regions (estimated 7000BC.) It's also the fourth-largest wine producing region in the world so you'd better listen up.

Consider yourself lucky that you've stumbled upon this post - you're ahead of the curve. The bittersweet news is, you won't be for long. This Thursday, February 24th, the Wines of Turkey will be kicking off their international campaign in London, aiming to educate the world on Turkish wine. The event will include a grand tasting of the organization's 7 active wineries as well as testimony and education as well as to hear testimony from leading international wine experts, historians, DNA experts and viticulturalists.

This isn't their only stop though - the Wines of Turkey also plans to participate in some of the world's most prestigious trade events such as ProWein, the London International Wine Fair and Vinexpo.

In the US, Kavakliderie Wines Co. is the best-known Turkish producer which has been a highly-celebrated producer for many years, changing the minds (and palates) of skeptics over and over again.

At BAT, we have worked with the Turkish producer - Vinkara Wines - an up-and-coming winery determined to change the world's perception about Turkish wines... and we think they can do it!

Sure, the country's top grapes are those that can be quite difficult to pronounce such as Narince (likened to Chardonnay) and Kalecik Karasi (likened to Pinot Noir)- but with so many other hard-to-pronounce varieties coming into the limelight at the same time (re: Gruener Veltliner & Agiogritiko) this is only a minor challenge.

So if you're looking for something new, or even if you're not, keep an eye on Turkish wines, their success has only just begun.


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