Not just another pisco cocktail...

One of the things I quickly discovered (and love!) about pisco is its ease of being mixed in a variety of cocktails. Sure, there's the go-to Pisco Sour or the Pisco Punch (well, the authenic recipe isn't as go-to as it sounds, but that's a story for another day...); but as I've learned, there are so many more flavors that compliment a well-made pisco. I have a few examples of intriguing cocktails that may have come out of the formula for a traditional Pisco Sour and thought I'd share online.

The first cocktail I enjoyed was over my Thanksgiving vacation in Phoenix, Arizona. During my stay, I meandered my way over to the new (to me, at least) Scottsdale restaurant and bar, Culinary Dropout, where I knew my order before even looking at the menu. You see, (Houston) Anvil Bar's Mindy Kucan had recommended to me via Twitter that the Pisco Painkiller on Culinary Dropout's menu was, and I quote, "deeeeeeelicious." And her recommendation did not disappoint. The drink was built with Don Cesar Pisco, Pineapple Juice, and Cream of Coconut, and was dotted with orange bitters on the slightly frothy top. A very light drink with a similar build to a Pisco Sour in terms of the ingredients called for, this drink was gone before I even remembered to take a picture. Whoops.

Another pisco cocktail I've been meaning to give my praise to was Jacob Grier's entry for the Great American Distillers Festival cocktail competition, called Pisco con Platanos. With the wonderful idea to develop a spiced plantain foam, I will concur with him when he says, it is "an entirely different direction with this twist on a Pisco Sour ". With a high-quality pisco, and perhaps a bit of patience on my part, I hope I can try and replicate this cocktail at home for a special occasion. But I really should leave these molecular, foam-making things to the experts like Jacob... :)


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