Hello from NYC! Some Wine Bar reviews

Whoops, how did this blog get so far away from me? Good thing we can always count on SJ to keep you updated!

Things in NYC have been a whirlwind of alcohol - especially with the holidays upon us! Just last night I had the chance to check out two new wines bar on the Upper West Side, courtesy of fellow wine-writing friend, Nick.

The bars: Started at Barcibo Enoteca and ended at The Tangled Vine.

Still feeling relatively intimidated by Italian wine, I angled for something I thought would be a guarantee pleaser: Rosato Lagrien Muri Gries 2009 (Alto Adige) and the Muller Thurgau-Gewurztraminer, Re Manfredi (Basilicata.) While I can't say either was bad, I can't say that either was particularly good. They were exactly what you'd expect from a glass of wine on a Wednesday night, I suppose - very one dimensional and without pizazz. We didn't try the food, but I was advised it might outshine the wines in our glass. Though the staff was eager to help, I'm not sure they were... helpful. However, the space was quite pleasant.

After our glasses we decided to head on over to another wine bar. A short cab ride away and we arrived at the door of The Tangled Wine which was promised to have a more interesting selection and a bite to eat. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many Austrian wines... and then I had to do my best not to get one... I'm trying this new thing where I go back to exploring everything...

Well, Nick and I did just that - we tasted just about everything. The RUEDA “Ermita de Nieve” Vinedos de Nieva 2009 (Spain/Rueda) had way too many roses, the SANCERRE Karine Lauverjat 2008 (France/Loire) too many green peppers - finally I went to another go-to of mine: Muscadet. MUSCADET "Le Fils des Gras Mouton" Claude Branger 2009 to be exact. I love everything about Muscadet - I honestly don't think I've ever met one I didn't like in fact... relatively inexpensive per bottle and delicious... doesn't get better than that. Of course I decided I need the oysters! So I did that... classic pairing of Muscadet and Beausoleiol Oysters from New Brunswick, Canada, to be exact (I decided I am going to become an oyster connoisseur as well.)

In short, I'd definitely go back to both places, though given the choice, I'd hit up The Tangled Vine before the first... I mean they have AUSTRIAN wine... what's a bigger pull than that?



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