Where did October go?

Goodness gracious, how is it already the end of October? I'm supposed to be thinking about Halloween and clever costumes but it has been nothing but an idea sitting on the back burner.

October was quite busy with BAT hosting the 4th Annual US Drinks Conference in New York City, and then I was traveling to Portland for Drink.Write 2010 and Portland Cocktail Week. While I have plenty to share about my time actually spent in Portland, this morning I wanted to share with you the adventure I had in my travels back to Connecticut.

My PDX > BDL flight apparently needed to result in a layover in Dallas/Fort Worth (because it makes total sense to fly south to head back up north!), and that first leg of my journey was quite a wild ride. It was as if I was at Disneyland on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, with all the sharp twists and turns, but add in a slew giant dips that raise your stomach...this was no longer a kiddie adventure! We manage to land in Dallas and upon reaching the gates, we all discover all flights leaving DFW are delayed or, worse, canceled, and that there has been a tornado warning in the great Dallas area all morning. WTF!? I just flew through a tornado!? While the bumpy ride was enough to make the novice flier sick, I was pale in the face thinking about the bottles of Mandarine Napoleon I had laying (or, at this point, I'm thinking shaking) under the plane. Did they survive? No one would let me have access to my luggage after being grounded for 24 hours, so I had no idea.

My luggage was waiting for me upon my arrival to BDL. I opened the box and - gasp - all the liquor survived!

Now, I know what a wild ride that flight was from inside the cabin so I can only imagine what it was like underneath the plane... So surely, I'm now convinced that the strength and spirit of Napoleon Bonaparte himself protected the alcohol in my travels. What a miracle!

OK - so now I'm talking about the spirit of a dead Emperor? Huh? Yes, this blog post is finally coming full circle as we talk about Halloween! Why don't you go and visit my monthly column at Bar None Drinks and read about toasting to the spirit of Napoleon? I promise it won't disappoint. :)

And check back in here at D4TH soon - there will be much much more about my adventures in Portland where I got to spend time with great bloggers, bartenders, and industry folk and had a plethora of fantastic spirits, cocktails, and yes, even a glass of Gruener Veltliner.


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Steveraye said...

So is a dead emperor the same as a dead president?