Lani Kai - Bar Opening in NYC's West Side

Last Monday marked the industry party to celebrate the opening of the new bar, Lani Kai, located on Broome Street in NYC.

Because last week marked the US Drinks Conference, there were plenty of fun people hanging around, including Stephanie and the guys (and girl!) of MicroLiquor.com. I convinced the bunch to go come and off we went.

We weren't sure what to expect - I had only heard about the opening the night before at the Tanqueray 10 party from fellow industry Tonia Guffey, she will be bartending there one night a week from here forward.

Upon entering we quickly learned the bar was aiming at a, perhaps, tiki theme - but not so over the top you wanted to throw off your lei and run out the door screaming - in fact, there weren't even leis. Instead, there were exotic drinks - your choice of a gin based cocktail or scotch based cocktail. To my surprise - I got a scotch cocktail. The cocktail's presentation portrayed a work of art (see picture) I almost felt bad drinking it! (but not so bad I wasn't going to!)

The passion fruit juices blended with the scotch created an illustrious smokey fruit flavor. We cozied in to a booth and took in the scene. Definitely going for the tiki theme, but that will be refreshing once the cold really settles into the city and an actual tropical vacation is too far away.

Upon checking out the downstairs, we were offered a gin punch, served in a giant bowl with four straws... yes please! Delicious fruit juice/gin blend and, again, beautiful presentation... most exciting cocktails I'd had all day!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to check out the full-time menu just yet, but if it's anything like the preview party, I'd say it's worth a stop by. I know I'll be back!

**UPDATE** Found the menu and its looks spectacular!

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