A Tour of Mandarine Napoleón

Unfortunately, it wasn't I who got to go and spend some time with the team at Mandarine Napoleón at the end of September. Head honcho Steve got to jump the pond to The Netherlands and spend some time getting to discover fantastic new bars (he wrote of this amazing speakeasy-style bar called Door74 that I someday MUST check out!) along with visiting the multiple facilities where deKuyper liquors are produced. I'd rather let him tell the story, but I wanted to post some pictures he took that I thought were pretty neat.

As for me, I have some exciting travel plans coming up as well. October 20th I'll be headed to Portland, Oregon for Drink.Write 2010 and Portland Cocktail Week. Then, the first weekend of November, I'll be jet-setting back west for a visit to Boulder, CO for the First Beer Bloggers Conference, followed by a few days of R&R in Los Angeles. You'll be sure to hear more from me on all of these adventures.

Groet for now!
Mandarine Napoleon XO Grande Reserve is aged in these impressive French oak barrels.

The inner courtyard of the facility - on display outside are some of the older stills once used on site.

A modern update, but look at the intricate wood working in the roof - that's original to the building!

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