My First Column on Bar None Drinks

I recently was extended the opportunity to join the team of talented booze-y bloggers and writers at Bar None Drinks and am proud to be included in this wonderful spirits community.

Doctor’s orders from Dr. Bamboo himself kept pressuring me to get out while I had the chance; he’s been locked down by ball and chain over there as the site’s longest serving contributor.

Gotcha! It was actually quite the opposite. He sent me one of the nicest emails ever welcoming me to the “crew of goofballs” as he so aptly put it.

I am thrilled to let you all know that my first column is up online! And you should go read it! Like, right now! This month’s post is a discussion surrounding absinthe and the lesser known Bohemian Style that is making headlines for its mixability in cocktails.

So continue to check back here and at Bar None Drinks for cocktail and spirits news. If there is a particular topic you’d be interested in learning more about, leave me a comment. I’m always eager to dig up the goods on the spirits you are most excited about.


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