Are you the next MxMo host?

Smoke signals figuratively traveled across my computer screen yesterday when I saw Paul Clarke’s ‘SOS’ on my iGoogle home page --- the search has begun for a Mixology Monday host at the end of August. It seems MxMo has been on a summer vacation of sorts and is picking up steam again as it heads into the fall. Here’s what Paul Clarke has to say on the subject:

Anyway — my apologies for the MxMo interruption, but I’ll interrupt this interruption with the announcement that–

The next Mixology Monday is scheduled for Monday, August 31. The theme and the host for this round are:

And that’s where I’m coming up short. I’ve had inquiries about the future of Mixology Monday, and now I need volunteers.

Would you like to host a MxMo (a few details are here)? In the short term I’m looking for someone who can step in for August 31, which gives you a few weeks to get ready, but it’d be great to line up the next few months so my busy schedule / procrastination won’t keep the event from chugging along.

So do you think you have the next great MxMo theme? Are you the blog host/hostess with the most-ess? Is your schedule open on August 31st? Share you theme ideas in the comments section or contact Paul directly – his email is in the original post available here.

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