Tales of the Cocktail: A Reflection

The blogosphere is still a-buzz with tales of Tales of the Cocktail and I must admit I can’t take my mind off it. Since I’m having trouble consolidating and organizing these random thoughts and memories, I thought I’d just throw them all out there. Rick of Kaiser Penguin has already done something very similar with his “Lessons Learned” from Tales of the Cocktail (check it out, it’s hilarious!), so I apologize if I seem like a copycat, but I feel this is the best way of communicating my thoughts. Here goes:

1. Tales is bigger than I imagined, and seems, unfortunately, to have outgrown the lovely Monteleone.
2. The food in New Orleans is fantastic, even for people who don’t like spicy or seafood.
3. The halls of the Bienville House remind me of “The Shining.”
4. If you are even slightly claustrophobic, do not attend sessions in the Riverview Room. You will be packed in an elevator with 45 others for at least 15 minutes.
5. If you are a man in New Orleans, you must wear a panama hat.
6. Bananas Foster is the best creation ever!
7. On Bourbon Street there are good-looking people and there are topless, body-painted people, but never a combination of the two.
8. Bloggers are awesome in person.
9. No one at the Carousel Bar knows how to make a Caipirinha.
10. New Orleanians don’t have a Southern drawl.
11. Horses should never be made to wear top-hats.
12. If you flip an alligator on its back, it will instantly fall asleep.
13. Making candy out of booze is genius.
14. You will have to annoy the girls at the registration desk to figure out where your session is.
15. The Riverwalk is beautiful.
16. If you’re 22 but look 17 you will not be carded anywhere in New Orleans (except Harrah’s Casino).
17. People with accents (be it British, Irish, or French) make better Brand Ambassadors.
18. The Napoleon House is not always open when the sign says it will be. For that matter, neither is Willie Mae’s Scotch House. Call ahead!
19. Never take a child into a New Orleans souvenir shop.
20. If you are a blogger, journalist, brand owner, distributor, ambassador, marketing or PR professional, cocktail enthusiast or just plain drunk, YOU CAN’T MISS THIS EVENT!

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