Off To N’awlins!

Tomorrow I’m headed to The Big Easy where I will be boozing and schmoozing at the “Tales of the Cocktail” festival till next Monday. Steve will be joining Thursday. Check in often—I hope to be sharing all my experiences by updating here frequently. Always the control freak, I’ve assembled a detailed agenda (which will probably get thrown in the trash once I get there and get pulled in a million different wonderful directions). Here’s what’s on the list (for now anyway):


2:30- Professional Session: How to Get Your City, Bar, Recipe, or Bartender More Media Coverage
4:30- Professional Session: Emerging Spirits: What’s the Next Big Thing?
5:00- The Green Hour Absinthe Ritual
7:00- Welcome Reception by Beefeater Gin


12:30- Molecular Mixology
2:30- The Scented Trail: Techniques on How to Develop Aroma in Your Cocktails
4:30- Latino Libations
8:00- Spirited Dinner @ Palace Café hosted by Paul Clarke and Jim Meehan of PDT
10:00- Desmond Payne’s Ruby Jubilee by Beefeater


12:30- Cocktails with a Kick-Absinthe Returns to America
2:30- History of Liqueurs and Cordials
4:30 Sensory Perception in Mixology with Darcy O’Neil


9:00- Breakfast @ Brennans
1:00- Lunch @ The Bourbon House
6:30- Dinner @ Arnaud’s
8:30- The Spirit Awards


5:00- Wormwood Society Soiree d’Absinthe

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