A Visit to Scott & Co., Tucson

Well, don't I sort of feel silly now.

I have had this post title and its pictures sitting in my D4TH queue for a few weeks now following a fantastic trip to Scott & Co.. The thing is I just hadn't had a chance yet to stop what I've been doing and put my thoughts down on (virtual) paper of the mixology bar to land in my former hometown of Tucson, Arizona.

I was going to tell you about the uniqueness and "newness" of the mixology scene in Tucson. The ambient atmosphere in the bar. Its special Tiki Thursday menu. I could also launch into the great bar service we had from Ciaran and Carl; their ability to listen to the customer provided for a great drinking experience. Then there's a Bartender's Choice on the drink menu to solidify that dedication to hospitality.

But then, alas!, that darned Roberto de Tucson of BarMedia beat me to the punch with this number he wrote for Nightclub & Bar. I definitely would recommend giving Robert's article a read and I'll just provide my nickel-and-dimed version here.

I actually first learned of Scott & Co. not from a Tucson source, but rather from Tasting Table NYC, whose new Top Shelf newsletter featured an article on bars using acid phosphate or ingredients of the like, a movement I first learned about from bartender/chemist/blogger Darcy O'Neil.

I dropped in early on a Thursday evening and started the evening off with a spin on a classic - Carl served me a gorgeous-looking Pisco Punch with a twist; Scott & Co.'s Pisco Punch boasts the addition of a Chinese Five Spice blend, in addition to the traditional lemon juice and pineapple gomme syrup. My boyfriend decided to test out this Bartender's Choice concept early - ending up with a gin-based Tiki drink served in the fantastic glassware pictured far up top.

Next up for me - I asked for a Chartreuse Swizzle and, boy, did Ciaran figured me out early. He made me the beautiful swizzle pictured on the right with a float of Fernet Branca on the top. Needless to say, I was a happy camper.

Before I knew it, our small and quiet mixology bar was packed three people deep. And the gentlemen behind the bar continued to shake up the same quality cocktails as we were provided early on in the evening. After our large group captured many more of the drinks on the bar's Tiki Menu, my friend and I capped the night off fittingly with a couple of Sazeracs.

I am thrilled to see the efforts of Ciaran, among others, bringing this craft cocktail culture to Tucson and I hope it continues to thrive and grow in the Old Pueblo. The bar will most definitely be on my radar for my next trip back down, where another Tiki adventure will await (perhaps Roberto will even join me!).

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