The Hat is Back!

The Hat is Back!

I'm referring to the official re-launching of Mandarine Napoléon, the orange liqueur combining the macerations of Sicilian madnarins with aged cognac.  The brand was officially reintroduced to the US market this week, starting with a launch party in Miami at the SoHo Beach House that boasted several unique cocktails, three-course dinner pairing and an appearance from Master Distiller Matthijs Jansen (some of you may remember his appearance in the TDN Mixoloseum last year!). 

Here are a few fab photos from the event on September 20, though there are plenty more where these came from if you visit this WorldRedEye post:

Citrus and Cocktail Menus at the SoHo Beach House, Miami.

Marc & Viviane De Kuyper and Matthijs Jansen. 

Where you in Miami for the event? What was your favorite of the original Mandarine Napoléon cocktails served?

To learn more about Mandarine Napoléon and what's in store next for the brand, stay tuned by becoming a fan of the brand's Facebook Page.  


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