Greetings from Boulder, CO!

I've just settled in to lovely Boulder, Colorado (ah, the mountains...) where the 1st Beer Bloggers Conference is prepared to get underway within the next hour or so.

I had quite a goofy ride in the Super Shuttle on my way from the Denver airport - many of the individuals in the car all arrived separately, but quickly became aware they were all headed to the same conference --- a banker's conference. BOOORING! When asked about my plans nearby the Mile High City, I explained my presence at the Beer Bloggers Conference to the delight of discovering that John Holl was in the van with me as well (Jersey and Jerzy, we're off to a great start!). Needless to say, we made a group of bankers very very, VERY jealous and they may be trying to join in our action throughout the weekend. ;)

Today's keynote speakers feature Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director of the Brewers Association, who will speak on “Why Beer Bloggers Further the Revolution”,and Jessica Daynor, Managing Editor of Draft Magazine, who will talk on Beer Bloggers and the relationship with the print media.

I can't wait for the action to get underway! To follow along with all the action from the Beer Bloggers Conference, check out their website, follow along with my tweets using the hashtag #BBC10, and check back in to D4TH.



Huck Fin said...

Good Morning Stephanie, Enjoyed hanging out last night for great beer and great new friends.

Huck (Jeff)


Stephanie said...

Great to meet you as well, looking forward to another fun, beer-filled day today :)