Mandarine Napoleón TDN Drinks...or close enough!

Edit: We have received some awesome feedback to the video so far, including a nod that we should do this feature every week (Seriously?! You want to hear my voice that often?!). Chuck Taggart chimed in, too, with his suggestions to our tweaks of the Lillet Tomlin and offered the following tips:
  • If you don't have orange bitters, just leave them out. Angostura's flavor profile is enough to make a completely different drink.
  • Don't have access to Regan's (or any kind of) orange bitters? Chuck offers Cocktail Kingdom and KegWorks as suggestions to purchase online. Happy Hunting!

Two weeks ago, Mandarine Napole
ón sponsored an evening of conversation and cocktail-conspiring in the Mixoloseum chat room. We saw some great drink ideas emerge from a group of the craftiest spirits and cocktails writers around - if you missed out, you're in luck!

Here is your chance to see some of the great cocktails developed during the evening, coupled with the hilarity of Samantha and myself trying to recreate two of the evening's submitted recipes. We attempt to make Chuck Taggart's Lillet Tomlin and SeanMike Whipkey's Mandarine Cooler. Let the critique of my technique begin (don't be too harsh now, please)!

You can watch the video again by logging on to our Brand Action Team YouTube channel.


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