Tales Time

Is it really that time again!? Believe it or not, tomorrow I’m headed back down to the Big Easy for Tales of the Cocktail, “the summer’s most spirited event.”

The weather has just started to not suck here in Connecticut (we’ve been hammered by serious rain, thunderstorms and yes, even a tornado for about the last month) and now I have to leave it behind for the sweltering sweaty mess that is New Orleans in July.

Ahhh, but I love it! And I’ve been training-daily two-mile runs in my snow suit followed by high-proof cocktails in a steam bath. I’ve prepared. I’m focused. I’m ready.

As I am a complete control freak (and may possibly suffer from OCD) I’ve created quite the detailed agenda for myself while in New Orleans. I won’t put all the little details down here but I will give a few of the highlights away. Here we go:


Beefeater Welcome Reception (come see me!!)

OVAL vodka Infusion contest judging

Possible tweet-up @ Bar Tonique (we’ll see if I last that long)


Breakfast @ Begue’s

How’s & Why’s of Cocktails Session

The CSOWG is taking ME to lunch (I feel special!)

Chemistry of Cocktails

Dinner @ Arnaud’s with the Intoxicologist herself


Using Blogs & Online Tools to Promote your Bar, Brand, or Career (Steve’s on the panel-come watch him preach Social Media Marketing and possibly embarrass me in a crowded room)

The Cocktails That Made Gin Famous

On The Fly Competition (this is going to be a fun one)

Caipirinha Competition (got to see what my friends at Leblon are up to)


Breakfast @ Brennan’s (‘nuff said)

The Three Amigos (heard it was hilarious last year)

Dinner @ NOLA with the Dood of Rum

And last but not least….The Spirit Awards (how can they possibly top last year’s host—Shooter McGavin!?)

So, if you’re a stalker and would like to know my every move in New Orleans (kidding…please don’t stalk me) or if you’re sad and alone at home and would like to live vicariously through me, check in here for daily (I’m optimistic) updates or follow me on Twitter. By the end of the week, you’ll already have your trip booked for next summer. Trust me.

Till then, Cheers!

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