New York, Part 2: The W Hotel

After scrapping with strangers over cabs outside Bryant Park (it was about to rain and most were off-duty) I made my way to Times Square to check out the W Hotel.

Attached to the hotel is a seafood restaurant with a small bar and lounge called Blue Fin. Their cocktail menu is limited but they have an extensive wine list, and their location is perfect for people-watching, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that peer out into the heart of Times Square. I was only there for about a half hour, but there was plenty to take in (including miserable double-decker bus-riders donning ponchos and Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows…random).

Just upstairs, on the top floor of the W is a swanky, modern bar & lounge with a minimalist design. Like every other place in New York, I couldn’t get a seat at the bar (I’m no VIP), so I was forced to stand (in uncomfortable and non-sensible heels) to enjoy my “Peartini.” I thought Pear-flavored drinks were losing their popularity but there was at least one at every bar I visited. This one featured Pear-Flavored Vodka, Elderflower syrup, and Champagne, with a gorgeous fresh pear slice for a garnish (I wish I could show you a picture, but the bartender warned photos aren’t allowed). The drink was ok, but a little dry for my taste. Here’s how I would do it differently:

1. Switch out the pear-flavored vodka for regular premium vodka (like OVAL) and use a little less.
2. Add some pear-flavored schnapps to get that fruity, crisp flavor.
3. Use St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur instead of syrup (What can I say? I love the stuff!).
4. Use a sweeter Champagne (like Cuvee M. from Mumm Napa).

These changes make for a more balanced, less harsh cocktail that’s still fruity and fresh!

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