Cocktails and Art

An illustration of Chris Gall's that was featured in the ArtsEye press release.
This post may appear to be slightly anomalous, as I'm highlighting an event that, sadly, I won't be able to actually attend myself. So why am I taking the time to write about an Opening Reception at an art gallery in Tucson, Arizona that is taking place tomorrow night?

For those of you who may not know, I used to live in Tucson - I went to college there and hung around for a little while afterwards before moving to the greater Hartford area. And I still like to think that the piece of my heart that I fondly left there is still involved in the unique culture and happenings within the city. So when I received a pitch that the ArtsEye gallery was hosting an Opening Cocktail Reception to exhibit Chris Gall's illustrations from the new "The PDT Cocktail Book", I had to share the news. Both illustrator Gall and author Jim Meehan are expected be on site on Saturday, December 3rd to sign copies of the book. And I would only expect that delicious cocktails will be prepared, also, to accompany the artwork on the walls!

The combination of artwork and cocktails is one that I am noticing gaining momentum over the last six months or so. I was able to, in Miami this summer, attend the Miami Arts District "Art Walk" - a monthly event - where Mandarine Napoleon cocktails were served at The Workshop gallery space. I also wrote a while ago about the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators and their series "Drawing Under the Influence". The combination has also been mentioned in conversations I've had for events in the 2012 calendar year.

Mandarine Napoleon, again, is further cementing the relationship between cocktails and art by participating next week in Art Basel, one of the most prestigious art shows around the world. If you are in Miami, you should consider checking out the events in which the brand will be participating. 

Have a drink for me, Tucson. Cheers!