Kahlua Coffee Cream Hosts Thursday Drink Night

Have you heard about Kahlua’s brand new cream-based liqueur—Kahlua Coffee Cream? Well, if you were curious about what to do with it or how to mix with it, we will definitely have some answers for you soon. Tomorrow night (September 10th) Kahlua Coffee Cream will be sponsoring Thursday Drink Night at the Mixoloseum. Participating members will be among the first to experiment with this brand new product, which won’t officially hit shelves until later this month.

In addition to the online action, which you can become a part of by logging in to the Mixoloseum chat room, Kahlua Coffee Cream will also be hosting a live event out in Los Angeles, with yours truly! We’ll be setting up at Malo Restaurant with more than a couple of La-La Land’s cocktail enthusiasts on hand to share in the fun. Of course, we’ll have a web cam set up, but we’re also having a video of the event made so we can share it all online! I’ll be updating here with photos and drink recipes, but if want to really be a part of the event, you need to join us tomorrow, beginning at 7pm EST (we’ll be live from LA beginning at 9pm EST). See you there!